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MKM Security Force Sdn Bhd was established with the goal of providing excellent security to clients in Malaysia. Built on the foundations of quality, service, and excellence.

Company Background

MKM Security Force Sdn Bhd (MKM Security) was established with the goal of offering security control services to both existing and new customers.

With the financial capabilities and human capital already available, MKM Security will work together to enhance the prestige of the security industry as expected.

As a strategy, MKM Security will appoint human capital of caliber, ensuring that each of them undergoes modular training for the determination of promotion as well as existing vacancies that will be created and filled by among the MKM Security’s own employees. As a new entity, MKM Security takes note of all types of risks that will be encountered. We have also ensured that individuals who will be human capital movers will be brought in to fill existing positions.

In fact, MKM Security understands every type of skilled manpower required and will make an unlimited contribution in terms of the ability and performance of each group of employees appointed so that customers can put their trust in the ability of MKM Security as promised.

Our Focus

Since our inception, MKM Security Force has dedicated our focus towards providing cutting-edge security services through constant innovation and service expansion. Today, we remains committed to providing reliable services to a growing number of industries through custom-designed security strategies, highly-trained security officers, and superior customer service.

Our Commitment

By maintaining the security industry's most stringent benchmarked standards, our clients are assured of a process-based approach sourcing the most suitable security provider for your business.

Our Smart Options

We understand the challenges of an ever-evolving security environment. We've developed customizable security programs to meet our client's security requirements and adapt to complex and dynamic situations.

Objectives And Targets

MKM Security’s focus is given to traditional control services and thereafter will be led by strict control that requires advanced technology and trained human capital. MKM Security is also committed to progressing in this field by participating in and contributing to, among other things:-


Conducting a memorandum of understanding through training with local institutions so that well-organized internal training can be arranged and modulated to enhance the competencies of all employees appointed. The modulated training will bring benefits by focusing on training that is not conducted by the Malaysian Security Industry Association (PIKM).

Establishing a Master training center in Malaysia and another training center in the country of origin for security personnel who will serve in Malaysia so that they can undergo formal training such as proficiency in Malay Language and English, introduction to the labor act and security controls used in Malaysia. Experienced instructors who have handled this task have already been identified.


The company will also penetrate the local market to provide consulting services in meeting customer aspirations (equipment and training) and bring innovation in terms of evaluating and administering the security control industry.


Our vision is to become a leading security company in Malaysia and a benchmark in the industry in terms of ‘professionalism’ and ‘reliability’.

The MKM Security Force Sdn Bhd Company will focus on security service activities to meet the needs of each customer who is our partner. Existing capabilities as well as positive contributions from all the MKM Security Company employees enable responsibilities to be realized in accordance with the promised service standards.

Indeed, the authority and experience to consistently handle the field of work will be ensured so that it is in line with the Motto, Vision and Target set.


Dato' Nik Mohammad Shah bin Nik Mustafa

Kapten (PA) Humaidi bin Mat Jahya

En. Nik Shazni Farhan bin Nik Mohammad Shah

Organisation Chart

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SSM (1375197-A)


KDN License


PIKM License


PDRM (Firearm)


MOF Registered

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